David Rossiter

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In this paper we present an account of a 3-year research project that is aimed at dynamically simulating urban and regional populations in Britain. In the context of this project we are using data from the 1991 UK Census Small Area Statistics (SAS) and the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS), in order to dynamically simulate the entire population of(More)
The transfer of streaming data is not well supported by current web services standards. To include multimedia streaming support in the web services domain, this paper presents a novel multimedia streaming web services framework for the transfer of streaming multimedia content. First, the framework includes an implementation of a query service for publishing(More)
Local context is widely believed to influence voting behavior with, for example, the voters’ evaluation of the state of their local economy affecting whether they choose to reward or punish the incumbent government. Such reward-punish models apply in the United Kingdom at the national scale: those who believe that the government has delivered prosperity(More)
The rehabilitation of progressive neurological disorders, such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) requires comprehensive, expert management which is demanding of both time and resources. Mechanisms to monitor and audit both process and outcome are therefore essential. Integrated care pathways (ICPs) which detail the expected interventions during a given episode of(More)
Rehabilitation of progressive neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis poses particular problems, and clear setting of goals and clinical audit are essential for effective management. Integrated care pathways (ICPs) offer a unique opportunity to document and audit the rehabilitation process. This preliminary study has shown that ICPs are useful in(More)
1D and 2D digital waveguides are already established as important elements in physical modeling constructions. This paper describes a program which has been developed for sound experimentation using three dimensional digital waveguide structures. Arbitrary waveguide structures may be created and displayed in three dimensions. They may be rotated and viewed(More)
This paper introduces the Gong system, an Internet-based voice board system designed primarily for language learners which includes special support for Cantonese. The Gong system is a client/server design which may be used to complement or, in some contexts, to replace face to face learning. The system supports Unicode input, storage and display of multiple(More)
Web services provide efficient development and deployment of interoperable and reusable applications. Multimedia Web services is an implementation of multimedia applications within the Web services framework. However, current Web services standards are not sufficient to cater for multimedia streaming, the commonly used delivery method for large multimedia(More)