David Rossi

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To assess riparian influences on lake functioning and develop simple tools for lake health monitoring, the association of remotely-sensed riparian factors and water chemistry with the breakdown rate of reed litter was examined in Lake Vico, a volcanic lake in central Italy. The decomposition rate of Phragmites australis was determined as leaf mass loss from(More)
We tested the capacity of Ulva lactuca to mark N sources across large marine areas by measuring variation in its δ(15)N at several sites in the Gulf of Gaeta. Comparisons were made with the macroalga Cystoseira amentacea. Variation of δ(15)N values was assessed also in the coastal waters off the Circeo Natural Park, where U. lactuca and C. amentacea were(More)
GaAs and related heterostructure charge-coupled devices (CCDs) for detector array readout multiplexer applications are described. Features of resistive-gate CCDs are compared with capacitive-gate CCDs for this application. Design examples of GaAs CCD readouts for linear and 2-dimensional detector arrays with different detection methods and signal coupling(More)
Photo-dissociation reactions play an important role in p-process nucleosynthesis, which takes place in supernova explosions. Theoretical calculations of isotopic abundances of the p-nuclei require a vast reaction network linking thousands of isotopes, where most of the reaction rates must be derived from the Hauser-Feshbach statistical model. However, as(More)
The high numbers of primary producers represent multiple sources of organic matter accumulating onto lake bottoms. The difficulty of distinguishing the relative contribution to the mixture presents considerable challenges to the analysis of these organic deposits. In this study, dual-stable isotope analysis and IsoSource model were used to identify(More)
In human-impacted rivers, nutrient pollution has the potential to disrupt biodiversity organisation and ecosystem functioning, prompting calls for effective monitoring and management. Pollutants, together with natural variations, can modify the isotopic signature of aquatic organisms. Accordingly, we explored the potential of isotopic variations as an(More)
A detector for momentum measurements of highenergy neutrons in the energy range 200 MeV to 1000 MeV is being developed for the RB experiment at FAIR. The detection principle is based on a combination of converter material and subsequent detection of charged particles from reactions in the converter material. Multigap Resistive-Plate Chambers (MRPC) are used(More)
  • D V Rossi, A.-N Chengl, H H Wiederl, E R Fossurn
  • 1992
The first twodimensional electron gas (ZDEG) chargecoupled device (CCD) fabricated in the 114,~~Ab~,As/ Ir+,53G%,,As/InP materials system is reported. The device is implemented as a 3 1 -stage, four-phase, resistive-gate delay line, and features an on-chip 2DEG-FET source-follower. The per-transfer efficiency is measured to be 0.995.
The two-dimensional electron gas charge-coupled device (ZDEG-CCD) structure for 111-V and other heterojunction materials is reviewed. Device design considerations for gate, insulator, and channel material parameters are presented. Optimization of ZDEG-CCD performance parameters such as well capacity, dark current, and transfer efficiency is discussed.(More)