David Romero-Laorden

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The design of newer ultrasonic imaging systems attempts to obtain low-cost, small-sized devices with reduced power consumption that are capable of reaching high frame rates with high image quality. In this regard, synthetic aperture techniques have been very useful. They reduce hardware requirements and accelerate information capture. However, the(More)
Minimum redundancy synthetic aperture solutions (based on the coarray concept) are usually limited by poor signal to noise ratio. The use of pulse coding based on Golay codes can help in order to improve the signal to noise-ratio. Two solutions (2R-SAFT and 4R-SAFT) for data reduction in the beamforming process of multi-element synthetic aperture imaging(More)
To improve the results of the Delay-And-Sum (DAS) beamformer a weighting factor based on a measurement of the phase dispersion of the signals in the image point under consideration has been proposed. With this objective, the spectral analysis of the phase dispersion is used here to obtain a new descriptor that can be easily computed and introduced as a(More)
This work analyses the use of parallel processing techniques in synthetic aperture ultrasonic imaging applications. In particular, the Total Focussing Method, which is a O(N<sup>2</sup> x P) problem, is studied. This work presents different parallelization strategies for multicore CPU and GPU architectures. The parallelization processes on both platforms(More)
In the last decade, ultrasonic imaging systems have been an essential tool for diagnosis in medical and industrial applications, especially in the Non Destructive Testing area (NDT). Conventional ultrasonic imaging devices produce high quality images with good resolution and contrast. However, these machines are usually associated to a high cost in hardware(More)
This work studies a new beamformer for non-periodic sparse bidimensional ultrasonic array transducer. It is based on a weighting factor based on signals phase dispersion to enhance the image points where the phase coherence between the received signals is high. A method to measure the phase dispersion based on Fourier analysis and its integration in the(More)
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