David Roman

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The list of add-on features for Communications' Web site began to take form shortly after the site was launched two years ago, and was a starting point for revisions now under way. Over the course of the last several months, suggestions to enhance the site were solicited and explored and are now spiriting the changes that will lead to a streamlined and(More)
cacm online the mobile Road ahead ACM is planning to launch a mobile version of the Communications Web site and a series of mobile applications in the coming months. To determine how best to proceed, we have been directly and indirectly collecting data from members for months to help guide our decision making. We have conducted surveys, met with focus(More)
is the recipient of the 2009 aCM-infosys Foundation award in the Computing sciences for his contributions to the design and development of highly scalable internet services. " i spent about a decade working on the use of clusters for scalable, highly available internet services, starting in 1994 when the Web was new (and didn't need clusters), and ending(More)
White discussed the importance of computer science, noting that " Computing is fueling countless advances, from improving communications and advancing health care to protecting national security and improving energy efficiency to helping understand the depths of the universe. " siGsce 2010 The theme of SIGCSE 2010 is " Making Contact, " and the 41st ACM(More)
The most popular content on Communications' site is something many readers know nothing about. The BLOG@CACM (http://cacm.acm.org/blogs/blog-cacm) is original online material that does not appear in the monthly magazine except in abbreviated form (see page 10). Eleven entries from this blog were among the site's 100 most popular articles in the first 14(More)
Mobile devices are quickly becoming ubiquitous around the world and the resulting usage of the " Mobile Internet " is rapidly increasing, as is the need for Web sites that serve up content on the small screen efficiently and effectively. Organizations that ignore this trend will miss opportunities to capture and keep users engaged. Gartner Inc. predicts(More)