David Roman

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There is an in inherent weakness to crowdsourcing that should bother computer scientists and computer users alike. It's the fact there is no clear difference between " the wisdom of the crowd " and " the mob that rules. " What's missing is a measure of discernment. The Internet is awash in information that demands selectivity, leading Newsweek among others(More)
Endophytes have been isolated from a large diversity of plants and have been shown to enhance the remediation efficiency of plants, but little information is available on the influence of endophytic bacteria on phytoremediation of widespread environmental contaminants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). In this study we selected a naturally(More)
Science demands an overhaul of the well-established system of peer-review in scholarly communication. The current system is outmoded, inefficient, and slow. The only question is how! The speed of scientific discovery is accelerating, especially in the field of computing, with an increasing number of ways to communicate results to global research(More)
Calls to update the peer-review publishing model to accommodate the rise in on-line publishing about the durability of print publications and of the printed magazine version of Communications of the ACM. How long will it last? ACM asked this very question in 2006 before starting the Communications revitalization project. " We talked to numerous ACM members(More)
White discussed the importance of computer science, noting that " Computing is fueling countless advances, from improving communications and advancing health care to protecting national security and improving energy efficiency to helping understand the depths of the universe. " siGsce 2010 The theme of SIGCSE 2010 is " Making Contact, " and the 41st ACM(More)
Communications' news stories cover a lot of ground and sometimes raise a provocative question. A recent case in point: " Is Internet Addiction Real? " I was sure the answer to this question was 'no' after reading a story posted on the site that told of a 15-year-old boy who was beaten to death at an Internet addiction treatment center in China(More)
Sagar, were recognized for the design and engineering of the Light Stage capture devices and the image-based facial rendering system developed for character relighting in motion pictures. in an email interview, debevec, who leads the graphics laboratory at the University of southern California's institute for Creative technologies, discussed the Light stage(More)
The goal of holding readers' attention has made provocation a timeworn editorial strategy. Communications doesn't resort to screaming headlines like most storefront fare, but it does strive to publish eye-catching imagery for its must-read articles. This month's cover story, " One Laptop Per Child: Vision vs. Reality, " with its title's inherent tension ,(More)
The soon to launch Communications Web site will break the bounds of the printed monthly. One way it will do that is by publishing extra content with many articles from the Communications magazine. Every article from the magazine will be available online, and authors and contributors are enhancing the online presentation of their articles by providing(More)