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Web sites often provide the first impression of an organization. For many organizations, web sites are crucial to ensure sales or to procure services within. When a person opens a web site, the first impression is probably made in a few seconds, and the user will either stay or move on to the next site on the basis of many factors. One of the factors that(More)
The synthesis of several thiazolo[4, 5-d]pyrimidines containing a fluorophenyl moiety substituted at different positions and through different bridges is described. Twenty new compounds were prepared and evaluated for their anticancer activity using the USA-NCI in-vitro screening program. Three compounds were found active and their anticancer activity(More)
Consumer health information has proliferated on the Web. However, because virtually anyone can publish this type of information on theWeb, consumers cannot always rely on traditional credibility cues such as reputation of a journal. Instead, they must rely on a variety of cues, including visual presentation, to determine the veracity of information. This(More)
The enzymes N-methylputrescine oxidase (MPO), the tropine-forming tropinone reductase (TRI), the pseudotropine-forming tropinone reductase (TRII), the tropine:acyl-CoA transferase (TAT) and the pseudotropine:acyl-CoA transferase (PAT) extracted from transformed root cultures of Datura stramonium and a Brugmansia candida x aurea hybrid were tested for their(More)
Tyrosine kinases are associated with the cytoplasmic domains of growth factor receptors as well as oncoproteins and many have the potential to cause transformation if mutated or hyperexpressed. Tyrosine kinases therefore represent an excellent target for the development of cancer drugs. A large number of inhibitors have now been identified and many show(More)
Isocratic reverse-phase analytical HPLC has been used to examine naturally occurring imidazoles of rat brain. Elution of brain extracts with a phosphate buffer mobile phase from columns packed with Hypersil ODS (5 microns) resulted in good separation of the well-documented brain imidazole-containing dipeptides carnosine and homocarnosine. Measured(More)
Isocratic reverse phase analytical high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has been used to examine naturally occurring imidazoles of cardiac and skeletal muscles. Elution of muscle extracts with a phosphate buffer mobile phase from columns packed with hypersil ODS (5 micron) resulted in good separation of the skeletal muscle imidazole-containing(More)
Seven macrocyclic diesters analogous to hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids have been tested in male weanling Wistar rats. The compounds were the succinate (VII), 2,3-dimethylsuccinate (VIII), phthalate (IX), glutarate (X), 2,4-dimethylglutarate (XI), 3,3-dimethylglutarate (XII) and 3,3-pentamethyleneglutarate (XIII) of the synthetic amino dialcohol,(More)