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Web sites often provide the first impression of an organization. For many organizations, web sites are crucial to ensure sales or to procure services within. When a person opens a web site, the first impression is probably made in a few seconds, and the user will either stay or move on to the next site on the basis of many factors. One of the factors that(More)
Deficiencies in existing primary care for people with epilepsy are well-recognized in the United Kingdom and include a lack of structure and an inability to meet the patients' needs for information and support to cope with their epilepsy. The introduction of clinics set up by nurse specialists within family practice in a few United Kingdom cities has met(More)
Consumer health information has proliferated on the Web. However, because virtually anyone can publish this type of information on theWeb, consumers cannot always rely on traditional credibility cues such as reputation of a journal. Instead, they must rely on a variety of cues, including visual presentation, to determine the veracity of information. This(More)
What elicitations or requests for information do search intermediaries make of users with information requests during an information retrieval (IR) interaction-including prior to and during an IR interaction-and for what purpose? These issues were investigated during a study of elicitations during 40 mediated IR interactions. A total of 1557 search(More)
What elicitation or requests for information do search intermediaries and users with information requests make before and during an information retrieval (IR) interaction-and for what purposes? These issues were investigated in two studies of elicitation during 40 mediated JR interactions-includhtg one study of the user elicitation puqmes and another of the(More)
Research findings from the organizational theory tend to support the position that management uses Information Technology (IT) to maintain existing organizational hierachy and control. Another body of research from information technology advocates suggests that Information Technology's inherent capabilities transform organization hierarchy and control(More)
Fresh, uncentrifuged urine specimens obtained from children attending a renal clinic were examined microscopically for leucocytes and bacteria, and the results were compared with quantitative bacterial cultures. Of the 51 specimens giving colony-counts larger than or equal to 10-5 per ml., 6 (12 per cent) showed no microscopical bacteriuria and 22 (43 per(More)