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3David Zurakowski
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Burstsort is a cache-oriented sorting technique that uses a dynamic trie to efficiently divide large sets of string keys into related subsets small enough to sort in cache. In our original burstsort, string keys sharing a common prefix were managed via a bucket of pointers represented as a list or array; this approach was found to be up to twice as fast as(More)
Nl15 mouse neuroblastoma cells possess a large number of microtubule organizing centers (MTOCs) which can be identified ultrastructurally as single centrioles. The distribution and activity of these organizing centers can be followed through all stages of the cell cycle by labeling microtubules with anti-tubulin and chromatin with the Hoechst dye,(More)
Psychosocial factors are important determinants of pain intensity and disability in patients with disabling musculoskeletal pain. The psychosocial aspects of disabling musculoskeletal pain include cognitive (e.g., beliefs, expectations, and coping style), affective (e.g., depression, pain anxiety, heightened concern about illness, and anger), behavioral(More)
PURPOSE Grip strength is widely used to assess upper-extremity function. Although grip strength is a quantitative measure of function, grip strength is a reflection of both physical impairment as well as subjective, psychological factors. We investigated the determinants of grip strength with the hypothesis that psychological factors are associated with(More)
PURPOSE Grip strength is influenced primarily by body mass index, sex, and age. It is also partly voluntary and correlates with symptoms of depression. This study examined whether psychological factors influence grip more in the setting of injury than in healthy volunteers. METHODS Grip strength was evaluated in one hundred subjects, 50 healthy(More)
BACKGROUND Orthopaedic surgical-site infections prolong hospital stays, double rehospitalization rates, and increase healthcare costs. Additionally, patients with orthopaedic surgical-site infections (SSI) have substantially greater physical limitations and reductions in their health-related quality of life. However, the risk factors for SSI after operative(More)
PURPOSE Metallic radial head implants are useful when the radial head cannot be repaired reliably and when either the elbow or the forearm is unstable. Problems arise when the radial head prosthesis is too thick, causing erosions of the capitellum and incongruity of the ulnohumeral joint. We used quantitative 3-dimensional computed tomography analysis to(More)
Fracture of the anteromedial facet of the coronoid process has been recognized as an important type of coronoid fracture. We performed a quantitative analysis of 21 3-dimensional computed tomography scans to evaluate the degree to which the anteromedial facet protrudes as a distinct process separate from the proximal ulnar metaphysis. The distance between(More)
PURPOSE The influence of angular deformity of the scaphoid on wrist function and arthrosis is debated and the reliability of the described quantitative measurements of deformity has been questioned. We hypothesized that the inherent imprecision with which computed tomography scanning planes are selected introduces another source of variability in(More)