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  • Shiliang Wu, Loretta J Mickley, Eric M Leibensperger, Daniel J Jacob, David Rind, David G Streets +7 others
  • 2008
[1] We investigate the effects on U.S. ozone air quality from 2000–2050 global changes in climate and anthropogenic emissions of ozone precursors by using a global chemical transport model (GEOS-Chem) driven by meteorological fields from the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies general circulation model (NASA/GISS GCM). We follow the Intergovernmental(More)
  • Shiliang Wu, Loretta J Mickley, Daniel J Jacob, Jennifer A Logan, Robert M Yantosca, David Rind +7 others
  • 2002
[1] Global 3-D tropospheric chemistry models in the literature show large differences in global budget terms for tropospheric ozone. The ozone production rate in the troposphere, P(O x), varies from 2300 to 5300 Tg yr À1 across models describing the present-day atmosphere. The ensemble mean of P(O x) in models from the post-2000 literature is 35% higher(More)
1. Introduction Radio occultation has proven itself to be a powerful technique for remotely sensing Earth's atmosphere for weather prediction and climate. Its unique combination of vertical resolution, high precision, self-calibration and cloud penetration have been established in planetary science since the 1960's and on the Earth over the past decade via(More)
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