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—Battery electric vehicles (BEV) are envisioned to play a significant role in the future of personal mobility. A key challenge in the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles to BEV is the limited driving range of the latter, which makes an energy-efficient operation essential. In this work, we analyze how vehicle-to-x (V2X)(More)
  • D Rieger
  • 1988
A microcomputer program for analysis of radioimmunoassays has been developed for use on microcomputers which operate under MS-DOS system software. The program messages are contained in an ASCII text file in French, English, and Spanish and can be modified by the user. The parameters and data can be entered manually into screen tables, or read from external(More)
A microcomputer based program for the storage and selective retrieval of experimental animal information has been developed for use on any system which runs under CP/M system software. The program has been designed to be completely conversational, to communicate with the user in French, English, or Spanish, and to allow the user to define the data format(More)
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