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Three linked leaf and canopy radiative transfer models were used to assess uncertainties in three vegetation architectures for the relationships between canopy water content and Equivalent Water Thickness (EWT). The leaf radiative transfer model PROSPECT was linked to SAILH, rowMCRM, and FLIM canopy reflectance models to generate synthetic spectra for a(More)
[1] A synthesis was carried out to analyze information available to quantify fire activity and burned area across North America, including a comparison of different data sources and an assessment of how variations in burned area estimate impact carbon emissions from fires. Data sets maintained by fire management agencies provide the longest record of burned(More)
Land Surface Temperature (LST) is one of the key inputs for Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere transfer modeling in terrestrial ecosystems. In the frame of BIOSPEC (Linking spectral information at different spatial scales with biophysical parameters of Mediterranean vegetation in the context of global change) and FLUXPEC (Monitoring changes in water and carbon(More)