David Raymond Christiansen

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Idris's reflection features allow Idris metaprograms to manipulate a representation of Idris's core language as a datatype, but these reflected terms were designed for ease of type checking and are therefore exceedingly verbose and tedious to work with. A simpler notation would make these programs both easier to read and easier to write. We describe a(More)
Type providers, pioneered in the F# programming language, are a practical and powerful means of gaining the benefits of a modern static type system when working with data schemas that are defined outside of the programming language, such as relational databases. F# type providers are implemented using a form of compile-time code generation, which requires(More)
New regulations from the European Union, called <i>Solvency II</i>, require that life insurance and pension providers perform more complicated calculations to demonstrate their solvency. At the same time, exploiting alternative computational paradigms such as GPGPU requires a high degree of expertise about the hardware and ties the computational(More)
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