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The one activity that is common to all botanic gardens is the cultivation of plants. Many also have education, science, conservation, events and exhibitions programmes but cultivating plants is at the core of every botanic garden and plants are used to support all these activities. With existing and potential threats to plants and habitats it is essential(More)
The need for action on the global environment is now well understood and governments, agencies, non-governmental organizations and botanic gardens have all been working in their various ways to promote environmental sustainability and reduce species and habitat loss for at least 10–20 years. The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) has been widely(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the preoperative computed tomography (CT) findings in patients with potentially operable pancreatic malignancy with findings at surgery. METHODS In a retrospective analysis, 140 consecutive patients with carcinoma of the pancreatic head were studied. All were imaged using a standardized multidetector CT (MDCT) protocol. Patients with(More)
92986 Document complet disponible sur OLIS dans son format d'origine Complete document available on OLIS in its original format ECO/WKP(2000)23 2 ABSTRACT/RÉSUMÉ The structural rate of unemployment and associated non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (the NAIRU) are of major importance to the analysis of macro and structural economic developments,(More)
BACKGROUND Following the contested national elections in 2007, violence occurred throughout Kenya. The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence, characteristics, and health consequences of the 2007-2008 election-related violence. METHODS A cross-sectional, national, population-based cluster survey of 956 Kenyan adults aged ≥ 18 years was(More)
Whipple's procedure (radical pancreaticoduodenectomy) is currently the only curative option for patients with periampullary malignancy. The surgery is highly complex and involves multiple anastomoses. Complications are common and can lead to significant postoperative morbidity. Early detection and treatment of complications is vital, and high-quality(More)
This study presents a method for evaluation of surveillance for avian influenza (AI) in wild birds and compares surveillance activities before and after changes in surveillance strategy in Great Britain (GB). In October 2008 the AI Wild Bird Surveillance (AIWBS) system in GB was modified to focus on passive surveillance (birds found dead), including those(More)