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Deforestation and plant diversity of Madagascar's littoral forests.
This work focused specifically on deforestation and plant diversity in Madagascar's eastern littoral community, using a data set of approximately 13,500 specimen records compiled from both historical and contemporary collections resulting from recent intensive inventory efforts to enumerate total plant species richness and to analyze the degree of endemism within littoran forests.
The Use of an Invasive Species Habitat by a Small Folivorous Primate: Implications for Lemur Conservation in Madagascar
The results confirm Melaleuca swamp as an important part of their home range: while lemurs seasonally limited activities to certain habitats, all groups were capable of utilizing this invasive habitat for feeding and resting.
Studies of Malagasy Eugenia (Myrtaceae)—III: Seven new species of high conservation concern from the eastern littoral forests
Conservation threat analyses based on IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria suggest the status of Endangered for Eugenia guajavoides, E. vanwykiana, and Vulnerable for E. manonae and E. stibephylla.
Population modelling and genetics of a critically endangered Madagascan palm Tahina spectabilis
The models suggest that if the habitat where the species resides continues to be protected the species is unlikely to go extinct due to inherent population decline and that it will likely experience significant population growth after approximately 80 years due to the reproductive and life cycle attributes of the species.
Endemic Families of Madagascar. XI. A new critically endangered species of Schizolaena (Sarcolaenaceae) from Tapia woodland in south-central Madagascar
Rabehevitra D. & Lowry II P. P. 2009. — Endemic Families of Madagascar. XI. A new critically endangered species of Schizolaena (Sarcolaenaceae) from Tapia woodland in south-central Madagascar.
Tahina spectabilis: an Exciting New Discovery in Madagascar Ten Years On
A decade after the extraordinary hapaxanthic Coryphoid palm was discovered on a remote peninsula in northwest Madagascar, a team from Kew revisited the site to see how successful conservation
Endemic Families of Madagascar. IX. A new littoral forest species of Schizolaena (Sarcolaenaceae)
Une analyse preliminaire du statut de conservation selon les criteres des Listes Rouges de l'UICN indique that S. raymondii est a rattacher a la categorie « en danger critique d'extinction ».
Discovery of a second population of the Critically Endangered Madagascan suicide palm Tahina spectabilis
Considering the precarious conservation status of the northern bald ibis, and the severe environmental impacts northern Morocco is suffering, it is time to commence cross-border collaboration and conservation action for this Critically Endangered species.