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The Canonization of Islamic Law: A Social and Intellectual History
Christian–Muslim relations and intercultural dialogue. The concrete examples of individuals and local communities on pilgrimage brings his theoretical background to life. The book is complete with aExpand
Narratives of Islamic legal theory
transmission to our modern ‘classical’ Islam was made or undertaken. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone with a serious interest in Islam, especially Islamic historiography, and theExpand
A Reader’s Guide to al-Shāfiʿī’s Epistle on Legal Theory (al-Risāla)
ABSTRACT Al-Shāfiʿī’s famous Epistle on Legal Theory (al-Risāla) has long been hailed as formative for the discipline of Islamic legal theory (uṣūl al-fiqh), but its structure and the wording of someExpand
Other Peoples’ Scriptures: Mythical Texts of Imagined Communities
The essays in this issue of Numen exemplify a shift in the comparative study of scriptures, highlighting their evanescence, their non-informative dimensions, and the ways in which they and the peopleExpand
Why Do the Nations Rage? Boundaries of Canon and Community in a Muslim’s Rewriting of Psalm 2
Numerous Arabic manuscripts of the “Psalms of David” contain not the Biblical Psalms but Muslim compositions in the form of exhortations addressed by God to David. One rewritten version of Psalm 2Expand