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Thematic proto-roles and argument selection
As a novel attack on the perennially vexing questions of the theoretical status of thematic roles and the inventory of possible roles, this paper defends a strategy of basing accounts of roles onExpand
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Word Meaning and Montague Grammar
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Word Meaning and Montague Grammar: The Semantics of Verbs and Times in Generative Semantics and in M
A plurality of audio message units are each comprised of a control circuit which receives intervaled timing pulses from a clock. Expand
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Introduction to Montague semantics
1. Introduction.- 2. Model Theory and Deductive Systems.- Exercises.- Note.- 3. The Syntax and Semantics of Two Simple Languages. Expand
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On the Semantic Content of the Notion of ‘Thematic Role’
The notion of “thematic roles”, a more modem term for Fillmore’s (1968) case relations, Jackendoff’s (1972, 1976) and Gruber’s (1965) thematic relations, and Panini’s karakas, has been appealed to byExpand
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The effects of aspectual class on the temporal structure of discourse: semantics or pragmatics?
  • David R. Dowty
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • The Language of Time - A Reader
  • 1 February 1986
But in cases where such indicators are absent, it has been observed by Jespersen, and in more detail in a series of recent articles by Helen Dry, that the aspectual classes of the predicates in the discourse, i.e. their Aktionsarten, seem to determine these temporal relationships. Expand
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Toward a semantic analysis of verb aspect and the English ‘imperfective’ progressive
A portable grain dryer is disclosed which is adapted to be used by itself to dry grain or which may be used on a combine or the like to aid in drying grain. Expand
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Type Raising, Functional Composition, and Non-Constituent Conjunction
A very striking feature of the system of categorial grammar in Ades and Steedman (1982) and Steedman (1985), which differentiates it from most other current work in categorial grammar as well as fromExpand
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Grammatical Relations and Montague Grammar
In this paper I want to describe a universal theory of “grammatical relations” that arises naturally within the formal theory of syntax and semantics of natural language developed originally byExpand
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The Role of Negative Polarity and Concord Marking in Natural Language Reasoning
For better or for worse, most of the large body of research on natural lan­ guage semantics done in the past two decades has employed semantic (model­ theoretic) methods but has ignored deduction. Expand
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