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Geochemical and textural evidence for early (shallow) diagenetic growth of stratigraphically confined carbonate concretions, Upper Devonian Rhinestreet black shale, western New York
Laterally persistent carbonate concretionary horizons are conspicuous to the Upper Devonian (Frasnian) Rhinestreet black shale of the western New York State Appalachian Plateau. Field observations,Expand
Organic matter accumulation, redox, and diagenetic history of the Marcellus Formation, southwestern Pennsylvania, Appalachian basin
Abstract Variations in the concentration of redox sensitive elements combined with pyrite framboid size data documented from a Marcellus Formation (Middle Devonian) core recovered from southwesternExpand
Origin of Shale Fabric by Mechanical Compaction of Flocculated Clay: Evidence from the Upper Devonian Rhinestreet Shale, Western New York, U.S.A.
ABSTRACT Most workers attribute the preferred grain orientation that defines the shale fabric to the mechanical collapse of a high-porosity clay microfabric under increasing overburden pressure.Expand
Origin of early overpressure in the Upper Devonian Catskill Delta Complex, western New York state
The Upper Devonian Rhinestreet black shale of the western NewYork state region of the Appalachian Basin has experienced multiple episodes of overpressure generation manifested by at least two sets ofExpand
PSMeasured Water Saturations in Mudstones: Preliminary Evidence for the Introduction of Water Through Drilling and Completion Practices*
Gas-in-place (GIP) models play a critical role in the assessment and valuation of unconventional reservoirs, the quantification of recovered hydrocarbon, completion stimulation, and productionExpand
Diagenetic Pyrite Morphology in Mudstones of the Upper Ordovician Point Pleasant Limestone, Appalachian Basin: Evidence for Dysoxic Deposition
Abstract Organic-rich mudstones of the Appalachian Basin hold a sizable portion of the natural gas produced in the United States. Indeed, in 2015, Pennsylvania and West Virginia accounted for 21% ofExpand