David R. Wright

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We have examined 365 versions of Linux. For every version, we counted the number of instances of common (global) coupling between each of the 17 kernel modules and all the other modules in that version of Linux. We found that the number of instances of common coupling grows exponentially with version number. This result is significant at the 99.99% level,(More)
The increase in maintenance of software and the increased amounts of reuse are having major positive impacts on the quality of software, but are also introducing some rather subtle negative impacts on the quality. Instead of talking about existing problems (faults), developers now discuss " potential problems, " that is, aspects of the program that do not(More)
BACKGROUND Somitogenesis is the earliest sign of segmentation in the developing vertebrate embryo. This process starts very early, soon after gastrulation has initiated and proceeds in an anterior-to-posterior direction during body axis elongation. It is widely accepted that somitogenesis is controlled by a molecular oscillator with the same periodicity as(More)
The ethical conduct of research is a cornerstone of modern scientific research. Computer science and the discipline's technological artifacts touch nearly every aspect of modern life, and computer scientists must conduct and report their research in an ethical manner. This workshop will identify four theories that offer guidance for ethical decision making,(More)
The design and implementation of a software system is the result of many interwoven sequences of decisions. Often, these decisions are made under less than ideal conditions of uncertainty and/or incomplete information. Furthermore, many of these decisions do not have clear " right/wrong " answers — they are value judgments dependent upon the current(More)