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PURPOSE Transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy is widely used to confirm the diagnosis of prostate cancer. The technique has been associated with significant morbidity in a small proportion of patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS We conducted a population based study of 75,190 men who underwent a transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy in Ontario, Canada,(More)
BACKGROUND Colonoscopy is advocated for screening and prevention of colorectal cancer (CRC), but randomized trials supporting the benefit of this practice are not available. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between colonoscopy and CRC deaths. DESIGN Population-based, case-control study. SETTING Ontario, Canada. PATIENTS Persons age 52 to 90(More)
Background: Recently there has been interest in performing laparoscopic herniorrhaphies without the use of staples or tacks to fix the mesh. Although mesh fixation has been linked to an increased incidence of nerve injury and involves increased operative costs, many surgeons feel that fixation is necessary to reduce the risk of hernia recurrence. This study(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence from observational studies that the use of surgical safety checklists results in striking improvements in surgical outcomes led to the rapid adoption of such checklists worldwide. However, the effect of mandatory adoption of surgical safety checklists is unclear. A policy encouraging the universal adoption of checklists by hospitals in(More)
Measures of quality of life are used increasingly to evaluate the outcome of surgical care. Impairment in quality of life is a major reason why patients seek surgical care, and changes in health-related quality of life are how patients assess the effect of treatment. Disease-specific measures focus on a particular health condition and are useful for(More)
OBJECT Chronic shunt-dependent hydrocephalus is a recognized complication of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. While its incidence and risk factors have been well described, the long-term performance of shunts in this setting has not been not widely reported. METHODS Using administrative databases, the authors derived a retrospective cohort of patients(More)
CONTEXT Patients discharged from acute care hospitals may be at risk for unintentional discontinuation of medications prescribed for chronic diseases. The intensive care unit (ICU) may pose an even greater risk because of the focus on acute events and the presence of multiple transitions in care. OBJECTIVE To evaluate rates of potentially unintentional(More)
BACKGROUND Using population-based health services information to estimate the effectiveness of colonoscopy on colorectal cancer (CRC) outcomes is prone to selection bias. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of colonoscopy on CRC incidence and mortality. DESIGN Population-based retrospective cohort study. SETTING Ontario provincial health data(More)
HYPOTHESIS The significance of short esophagus and its impact on failure after laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication are unknown. Although patients with severe esophageal shortening that requires Collis gastroplasty comprise a small percentage of patients undergoing fundoplication, we hypothesize that patients with moderate esophageal shortening requiring(More)