David R. Strip

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Progressive hedging (PH) is a scenario-based decomposition technique for solving stochas-tic programs. While PH has been successfully applied to a number of problems, a variety of issues arise when implementing PH in practice, especially when dealing with very difficult or large-scale mixed-integer problems. In particular, decisions must be made regarding(More)
Automatic programming of insertions is an essential step in achieving a truly flexible manufacturing environment. We present techniques based on active compliance implemented with hybrid force-position control capable of inserting a wide variety of shaped pegs. These techniques provide a significant step towards an automatically programmed flexible(More)
We describe a computational approach to remote sensing image analysis that addresses many of the classic problems associated with storage, search, and query. This process starts by automatically annotating the fundamental objects in the image data set that will be used as a basis for an ontology, including both the objects (such as building, road, water,(More)
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