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Design curves for insertion loss of multimode polymer waveguide 90 masculine bends are reported as a function of bend radius for several waveguide widths. For the first time, to our knowledge, in multimode rectangular waveguides the insertion loss is resolved into its components of transition, radiation and propagation loss, in order of decreasing strength,(More)
A novel multiplexing scheme for dense holographic storage in photorefractive crystals, spatioangular multiplexing, is described in detail. Compared with spatial multiplexing, spatioangular multiplexing increases the storage capacity by fully utilizing the volume of the storage medium. On the other hand, spatioangular multiplexing reduces the number of(More)
Detection of airborne optical emission sources in Infrared Search and Track (IRST) systems is usually carried out using the blackbody temperature or emissivity difference between the emission source and the background. Recent countermeasure techniques include emissivity tailoring and temperature distribution tailoring across the emission source area to(More)
We propose a planar optical configuration for implementation of crossover interconnects. The planar overlay allows two-dimensional pixel arrays located on a wafer-scale integrated circuit to be interconnected in a compact and vibrationally robust configuration. By using an acute-angle microprism array with apex angles of 70.52 deg fabricated on a silicon(More)
This chapter describes the progress in using optical technology to construct high-speed artificial higher order neural network systems. The chapter reviews how optical technology can speed up searches within large databases in order to identify relationships and dependencies between individual data records, such as financial or business time-series, as well(More)
Atef M. Rashed, MEMBER SPIE David R. Selviah University College London Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Torrington Place, London WC1E 7JE United Kingdom E-mail: a.rashed@ee.ucl.ac.uk Abstract. Polymer tapered multimode waveguides were modeled using the finite difference wide-angle beam propagation method to investigate whether tapered(More)
This paper describes the first demonstrations of two dynamic exit pupil (DEP) tracker techniques for autostereoscopic displays. The first DEP tracker forms an exit pupil pair for a single viewer in a defined space with low intraocular crosstalk using a pair of moving shutter glasses located within the optical system. A display prototype using the first DEP(More)