David R. Selviah

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AbstrAct Generalized correlation higher order neural network designs are developed. Their performance is compared with that of first order networks, conventional higher order neural network designs, and higher order linear regression networks for financial time series prediction. The correlation higher order neural network design is shown to give the(More)
—The protocol data rate governing data storage devices will increase to over 12 Gb/s by 2013 thereby imposing unmanageable cost and performance burdens on future digital data storage systems. The resulting performance bottleneck can be substantially reduced by conveying high-speed data optically instead of electronically. A novel active pluggable 82.5 Gb/s(More)
At high bit rates copper tracks in printed circuit boards (PCBs) suffer severe loss and pulse distortion due to radiation of electromagnetic waves, dispersion and bandwidth limitations. The loss can be overcome to some extent by transmitting higher power pulses and by changing the dielectric constant and loss tangent of the PCB substrate material. However,(More)
Recent years have shown increases in virtual 3D perception and applications, many of these applications require 3D model reconstruction from high quality LIDAR scans. High quality 3D models may be acquired from a collection of overlapping LIDAR scans which need to be registered or aligned to a common coordinate system. This paper investigates the use of a(More)
This paper presents a laser based auto-stereoscopic 3D display technique and a prototype utilizing a dual projector light engine. The solution described is able to form dynamic exit pupils under the control of a multiuser head-tracker. A prototype completed recently is able to provide a glasses-free solution for a single user at a fixed position. At the end(More)
High detection probabilities with low false alarm rates, even in the presence of as much as – 28 dB signal to clutter can be obtained, if use is made of the coherence information contained in the input signal. Such a detection system is described and its Receiver Operating Curves (ROC) characterized from a reduced experimental set of data. The system has an(More)
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