David R. Pontin

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OBJECTIVE To implement parent-oriented discharge planning (Train-to-Home) for preterm infants in neonatal care. DESIGN Before and after study, investigating the effects of the intervention during two 11-month periods before and after implementation. SETTING Four local neonatal units (LNUs) in South West England. PARTICIPANTS Infants without major(More)
Physalia is a genus of pelagic colonial hydrozoans often known by common names such as ‘Portuguese-man-of-war’ or ‘bluebottle’. Siphonophore systematists generally recognise only a single species in this genus, Physalia physalis, however the name Physalia utriculus is also still in common use, which has led to considerable taxonomic confusion. With some(More)
Improving asthma outcomes and self-management behaviors of inner-city children: a randomized trial of the Health Buddy interactive device and asthma diary. QUESTION: Does an interactive, home based device that monitors asthma symptoms, aspects of quality of life, and self care (Health Buddy) reduce asthma symptoms and increase self care behaviours in inner(More)
The apparent increase in number and magnitude of jellyfish blooms in the worlds oceans has lead to concerns over potential disruption and harm to global fishery stocks. Because of the potential harm that jellyfish populations can cause and to avoid impact it would be helpful to model jellyfish populations so that species presence or absence can be(More)
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