David R. Pepper

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1. Whole-cell patch-clamp recordings were used to investigate possible age-related changes in K+ currents of type 1 carotid body cells isolated from the rat. K+ current density increased with age, as measured in cells isolated from 4-day-old, 10-day-old and adult rats (> or = 5 weeks old). 2. The proportion of current reversibly inhibited by high [Mg2+] (6(More)
The primary goals of this study were to evaluate diurnal patterns of and sex differences in the levels of cortisol, 11-ketotestosterone, testosterone, and 17beta-estradiol in the sex-changing bluebanded goby Lythrypnus dalli. Steroid hormones were collected from water samples and analyzed by enzyme immunoassay. During the breeding season, hormones were(More)
Agitation is common in the medical and psychiatric emergency department, and appropriate management of agitation is a core competency for emergency clinicians. In this article, the authors review the use of a variety of first-generation antipsychotic drugs, second-generation antipsychotic drugs, and benzodiazepines for treatment of acute agitation, and(More)
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