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The resistance of some plants to Al (aluminium or aluminum) has been attributed to the secretion of Al(3+)-binding organic acid (OA) anions from the Al-sensitive root tips. Evidence for the 'OA secretion hypothesis' of resistance is substantial, but the mode of action remains unknown because the OA secretion appears to be too small to reduce adequately the(More)
The movement of energy and nutrients from aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems can be substantial, and emergent aquatic insects can serve as biovectors not only for nutrients, but also for contaminants present in the aquatic environment. The terrestrial predators Tenodera aridifolia sinensis (Mantodea: Mantidae) and Tidarren haemorrhoidale (Araneae:(More)
A Bayesian probability density for an interpolating function is developed, and its desirable properties and practical potential are demonstrated. This density has an often needed but previously unachieved property, here called cardinal interpolation, which ensures extrapolation to the density of the least-squares linear model. In particular, the mean of the(More)
During March of 1969, the Nebraska Law Review accepted a grant from the American Bar Foundation to fund a survey of legal services in civil matters in the State of Nebraska. This report is the culmination of that survey and was prepared with a threefold purpose: 1) To present the data generated by the survey. 2) To serve as a planning guide for the Nebraska(More)
Despite a growing demand for a well-educated workforce in science, technology, engineering, and math-related (STEM) careers, fewer American college students are pursuing these majors. Students with disabilities are one of the at-risk groups whose interest in pursuing STEM careers is frequently compromised by systemic barriers to participation. Peer-Led Team(More)
Seven undergraduates at a selective Midwestern university participated in a semester-long pilot study regarding the impact of ADHD coaching services on their academic experiences. Coaches in the study had extensive qualifications , including specific training to address the needs of college students with ADHD. Three major themes emerged from qualitative(More)
Several studies have found high levels of cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), and lead (Pb) in honey bee hives located near urbanized or industrial areas. Insect herbivores and pollinators may come in contact with environmental contaminants in the leaves and flowers they forage upon in these areas. Our study quantified which of these metals are accumulated in the(More)
This research uses a Bayesian framework to develop probability densities for the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve. The ROC curve is a discrimination metric that may be used to quantify how well a detection system classifies targets and nontargets. The degree of uncertainty in ROC curve formulation is a concern that previous research has not(More)
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