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One route of inactivation of ecdysteroids in insects involves ecdysone oxidase-catalysed conversion into 3-dehydroecdysone (3DE), followed by irreversible reduction by 3DE 3α-reductase to 3-epiecdysone. The 3DE 3α-reductase has been purified and subjected to limited amino acid sequencing. It occurs as two distinct forms, including a probable trimer of(More)
S OF PRESENTATIONS ON PLANT PROTECTION ISSUES AT THE XTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF VIROLOGY August 11-16, 1996 Binyanei haOoma, Jerusalem, Israel Part2* Plenary Lectures X" ANTIVIRAL AGENTS FROM PLANT SOURCES (PLANT EXTRACTS; PROTEINS) (continued) Eff i cacy o f T r a d i t i o n a l H e r b a l Medic ines o n H e r p e s V i r u s In fec t ion in vitro a n(More)
Neuropeptides regulate a vast range of critical events associated with embryonic or postembryonic development, and metabolism. Events such as ecdysteroid and juvenile hormone synthesis, behavior, muscular contraction, fat and sugar metabolism, cuticular assembly and coloration, water balance, and so forth, are under the regulation of neuropeptides from(More)
 The IAP3 protein of Cydia pomonella granulovirus (CpGV) was the first identified member of the baculovirus IAP family of proteins, which have been shown to block apoptosis in diverse systems. However, little is known of the expression and subcellular localisation of CpGV IAP3 during a viral infection. This study examined IAP3 in cells infected by CpGV and(More)
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