David R Montague

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The Ratios Conjecture of Conrey, Farmer and Zirnbauer [CFZ1, CFZ2] predicts the answers to numerous questions in number theory, ranging from n-level densities and correlations to mollifiers to moments and vanishing at the central point. The conjecture gives a recipe to generate these answers, which are believed to be correct up to square-root cancelation.(More)
A lgorithmic trading of securities has become a staple of modern approaches to financial investment. In this project, I attempt to obtain an effective strategy for trading a collection of 27 financial futures based solely on their past trading data. All of the strategies that I consider are based on predictions of the future price and volatility of the(More)
Literatur BROWN, J. J., D. L. DAVIES, A. F. LEVER, A. M. LLOYD, J. I. S. ROBERTSON, and M. TREE : Lancet 1964 II, 709. ---J. L S. ROBERTSON, and M. TREE" Biochem. J. 98, 594 (1964). GOLDBLATT, H., H. LA~]rROM, and E. HAAS: Amer. J. Physiol. 175, 75 (1953). MONTAOuE, D., B. Rr~IKEIL H. BRUNNER U. F. GRoss: Referat, Jahrestagung der Dtseh. Pharmakol. Ges.,(More)
While past research efforts have reported a relationship between encoding ability and aggressive behavior in children, the relationship between encoding ability and adult aggressiveness has not been examined. Encoding, an element of attention, refers to the ability to recall and reorder information stored in memory. Using selected cognitive tests and a(More)
A number of expansions to the geometric proof of the irrationality of the square root of two have been put forward in the paper “Irrationality From The Book” by Steven J. Miller and David Montague. There are a number of other conceptually simple expansions which can be attempted. This paper shows some basic work towards proving the irrationality of √ p,(More)
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