David R. Mehr

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BACKGROUND Maintaining data quality and integrity is important for research studies involving prospective data collection. Data must be entered, erroneous or missing data must be identified and corrected if possible, and an audit trail created. METHODS Using as an example a large prospective study, the Missouri Lower Respiratory Infection (LRI) Project,(More)
BACKGROUND Pneumonia in people with dementia has been associated with severe discomfort. We sought to assess the effectiveness of a practice guideline for optimal symptom relief for nursing home residents with dementia and pneumonia. METHODS A single-blind, multicenter, cluster randomized controlled trial was conducted in 32 Dutch nursing homes. Outcomes(More)
BACKGROUND Poor adherence to medications is a common problem among heart failure (HF) patients. Inadequate adherence leads to increased HF exacerbations, reduced physical function, and higher risk for hospital admission and death. Many interventions have been tested to improve adherence to HF medications, but the overall impact of such interventions on(More)
BACKGROUND Technology-based aids for lifestyle change are becoming more prevalent for chronic conditions. Important "digital divides" remain, as well as concerns about privacy, data security, and lack of motivation. Researchers need a way to characterize participants' readiness to use health technologies. To address this need, we created an instrument to(More)
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