David R. McKenzie

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Despite the long history of using cell cultures in vitro for radiobiological studies, there is to date no study specifically addressing the dosimetric implications of flask selection and exposure environment in clonogenic assays. The consequent variability in dosimetry between laboratories impedes the comparison of results. In this study we compare the dose(More)
The surface of polyethylene was modified by plasma immersion ion implantation. Structure changes including carbonization and oxidation were observed. High surface energy of the modified polyethylene was attributed to the presence of free radicals on the surface. The surface energy decay with storage time after treatment was explained by a decay of the free(More)
Evidence of the effect of molecule size (molecular sieving) was discovered in leak channels similar to those found in hermetically sealed implantable bionics. A range of test gases of different molecular sizes was used to investigate the relative leak rates of several different samples. A contemporary model of molecular sieving is shown to be in partial(More)
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