David R. M. Thompson

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requests the option addition to address a significant shortage of college graduates educated to serve as public school teachers in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences and to serve as County Extension Educators within the state of Oklahoma. The minor in entrepreneurship is designed to complement the student's major, encouraging students to apply(More)
Position auctions were widely used by search engines to sell keyword advertising before being well understood (and, indeed, studied) theoretically. To date, theorists have made significant progress, for example showing that a given auction is efficient or revenue-dominates a benchmark auction such as VCG. This paper augments that line of work, relying on(More)
We study a game-theoretic model for Plurality, one of the most well-studied and widely-used voting rules. It is well known that the most standard game-theoretic approaches can be problematic in the sense that they lead to a multitude of Nash equilibria, many of which are counter-intuitive. Instead, we focus on a model recently proposed to avoid such issues(More)
The demand for donated organs greatly exceeds supply and many candidates die awaiting transplantation. Policies for allocating deceased donor organs may address equity of access and medical efficacy, but typically must be implemented with incomplete information. Simulation-based analysis can inform the policy process by predicting the likely effects of(More)
Social choice functions aggregate the different preferences of agents, choosing from a set of alternatives. Most research on manipulation of voting methods studies (1) limited solution concepts, (2) limited preferences, or (3) scenarios with a few manipulators that have a common goal. In contrast, we study voting in plural-ity elections through the lens of(More)
Acknowledgments This guidebook represents the work and experience of many people. Those who have made direct contributions to our understanding of the tools presented in this manual are listed below. This manual seeks to provide a rudimentary set of tools to help address the challenges of solid waste management, with a focus on waste reduction. The guide is(More)
Timber supplies from public native forests have declined significantly in recent decades. Consequently, wood processors are increasingly dependent on private land to maintain their throughput of native species logs. In some regions of Australia, more than 50 per cent of native forest industry log supply comes from private property. There is concern that(More)
In this paper, we consider the question of how to optimize revenue in advertising auctions without changing away from the generalized second-price paradigm that has become the de facto standard. We consider several different GSP variants (including squashing and different types of reserve prices), and how to set their parameters optimally. Our main finding(More)