David R Jacobson

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To form secondary structure, nucleic acids (NAs) must overcome electrostatic strand-strand repulsion, which is moderated by the surrounding atmosphere of screening ions. The free energy of NA folding therefore depends on the interactions of this ion atmosphere with both the folded and unfolded states. We quantify such interactions using the preferential ion(More)
Many chemical techniques exist for measuring the stoichiometry of ligand binding to a macromolecule; however, these techniques are often specific to certain ligands or require the presumption of specific binding models. Here, we further develop a previously reported, general, thermodynamic method for extracting the change in number of ligands bound to a(More)
Understanding of the conformational ensemble of flexible polyelectrolytes, such as single-stranded nucleic acids (ssNAs), is complicated by the interplay of chain backbone entropy and salt-dependent electrostatic repulsions. Molecular elasticity measurements are sensitive probes of the statistical conformation of polymers and have elucidated ssNA(More)