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Tissues that generate specialized cell types in a production line must coordinate developmental mechanisms with physiological demand, although how this occurs is largely unknown. In the Caenorhabditis elegans hermaphrodite, the developmental sex-determination cascade specifies gamete sex in the distal germline, while physiological sperm signaling activates(More)
We confirm the presence of a gender gap in mathematics across many low-and middle-income countries using detailed, comparable test score data. Examining micro level data on school performance linked to household demographics we note that first, the gender gap appears to increase with age. Indeed, the gap nearly doubles when comparing 4th grade and 8th grade(More)
Genome sequencing has the potential for stratified cancer treatment and improved diagnostics for rare disorders. However, sequencing needs to be utilised in risk stratification on a population scale to deepen the impact on the health system by addressing common diseases, where individual genomic variants have variable penetrance and minor impact. As the(More)
This paper presents the results of a survey of 110 ARL institutions regarding their copyright policies for providing electronic reserves. It compiles descriptive statistics on library practice as well as coding responses to reveal trends and shared practices. Finally, it presents conclusions about policy making, decision making and risk aversion in ARL(More)
Thank you for exchanging ideas about lawn and yard care choices this summer! We appreciate your participation. This is the first of two pamphlets about lawn and yard care. It focuses on your lawn and yard care choices and practices. Enclosed is a short feedback form. Please fill it out and return it in the next few days. Lawn (n) An area of grasses(More)
The data contained in this document may not be modified in any way. Cost estimates described or summarized in this document were generated as part of a preliminary concept study, are model-based, assume a JPL in-house build, and do not constitute a commitment on the part of JPL or Caltech. References to work months, work years, or FTEs generally combine(More)