David R. Evens

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It has been reported that anti-saccade performance is facilitated by diverting attention through a secondary task (Kristjánsson et al. in Nat Neurosci 4:1037–1042, 2001). This finding supports the idea that the withdrawal of resources that would be taken up by the erroneous movement plan makes it easier to overcome the tendency to look towards the(More)
In many perceptual and cognitive decision-making problems, humans sample multiple noisy information sources serially, and integrate the sampled information to make an overall decision. We derive the optimal decision procedure for two-alternative choice tasks in which the different options are sampled one at a time, sources vary in the quality of the(More)
We tested an information foraging framework to characterize the mechanisms that drive active (visual) sampling behavior in decision problems that involve multiple sources of information. Experiments 1 through 3 involved participants making an absolute judgment about the direction of motion of a single random dot motion pattern. In Experiment 4, participants(More)
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