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Rapid growth and the concentration of hog production in North Carolina have raised concerns of a disproportionate impact of pollution and offensive odors on poor and nonwhite communities. We analyzed the location and characteristics of 2,514 intensive hog operations in relation to racial, economic, and water source characteristics of census block groups,(More)
Recent industry changes in swine-management practices have resulted in a growing controversy surrounding the environmental and public health effects of modern swine production. The numerous wastes produced by intensive swine production not only pose a significant challenge to effective environmental management but also are associated with decreased air(More)
Research in the deep terrestrial biosphere is driven by interest in novel biodiversity and metabolisms, biogeochemical cycling, and the impact of human activities on this ecosystem. As this interest continues to grow, it is important to ensure that when subsurface investigations are proposed, materials recovered from the subsurface are sampled and preserved(More)
  • Allegra M Mcleod, Bruce Ackerman, Easha Anand, Hadar Aviram, David Barron, Guyora Binder +29 others
  • 2013
A widely decried crisis confronts U.S. criminal law. Jails and prisons are overcrowded and violence plagued. Additional causes for alarm include the rate of increase of incarcerated populations, their historically and internationally unprecedented size, their racial disproportionality, and exorbitant associated costs. Although disagreement remains over the(More)
We suggest a new technique for the enhancement o f single channel reverberant speech. Previous methods have used either waveform deconvolution or modulation envelope deconvolution. Waveform de-convolution requires calculation of an inverse room response, and is impractical due to variation with source or receiver movement. Modulation envelope deconvolution(More)