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1 The problem Given a finite set of " tree patterns " (trees with wildcards at some leaves), produce off-line an automaton that will locate all " instances " of those patterns occurring in input trees. An instance of a tree pattern is another (sub)tree, exactly the same except where wildcards occur within the pattern. Such instances are known aa " matches(More)
Historically our paper was important because it demonstrated that it was possible to get useful information about linked data structures in a practical amount of time. At the time of publication , there was some interest in pointer analysis from the theoretical community, but these algorithms were generally impractical. Our paper presented a technique that(More)
We present a novel, high-resolution magnetic resonance technique, fine structure analysis (FSA) for the quantification and analysis of amorphous and quasi-amorphous biological structures. The one-dimensional technique is introduced mathematically and then applied to one simulated phantom, two physical phantoms and a set of ex vivo biological samples,(More)
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