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1 The problem Given a finite set of " tree patterns " (trees with wildcards at some leaves), produce off-line an automaton that will locate all " instances " of those patterns occurring in input trees. An instance of a tree pattern is another (sub)tree, exactly the same except where wildcards occur within the pattern. Such instances are known aa " matches(More)
Existing techniques for garbage collection and machine code optimizations can interfere with each other. The inability to fully optimize code in a garbage-collected system is a hidden cost of garbage collection. One solution to this problem is proposed; an inexpensive protocol that permits most optimizations and garbage collection to coexist. A second(More)
Historically our paper was important because it demonstrated that it was possible to get useful information about linked data structures in a practical amount of time. At the time of publication , there was some interest in pointer analysis from the theoretical community, but these algorithms were generally impractical. Our paper presented a technique that(More)
Flat panel detector (FPD) technology in interventional cardiology is on the increase due to its varied advantages compared to the conventional image intensifier (II) systems. It is not clear whether FPD imparts lower radiation doses compared to II systems though a few studies support this finding. This study intends to compare radiation doses from II and(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients admitted into a medical Intensive Care Unit (ICU) have varying illnesses and risk factors. An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a useful tool to assess the cardiac status. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of QT prolongation of the ECG in patients admitted to a medical ICU in a tertiary hospital, to assess outcomes in terms(More)
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