David R. Calabrese

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Gene transfer and expression in eukaryotes is often limited by a number of stably maintained gene copies and by epigenetic silencing effects. Silencing may be limited by the use of epigenetic regulatory sequences such as matrix attachment regions (MAR). Here, we show that successive transfections of MAR-containing vectors allow a synergistic increase of(More)
The transcription factor MYC plays a pivotal role in cancer initiation, progression, and maintenance. However, it has proven difficult to develop small molecule inhibitors of MYC. One attractive route to pharmacological inhibition of MYC has been the prevention of its expression through small molecule-mediated stabilization of the G-quadruplex (G4) present(More)
from ZLB Bioplasma AG in Bern. I would like to thank the following persons for their precious help and without whom this work would probably not have been possible: Professor Florian Maria Wurm for accepting me as a PhD student in his group, for letting me follow really interesting seminars abroad during these three years, for constructive discussions about(More)
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