David R. Bowman

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Oblique motion along tectonic boundaries is commonly partitioned into slip on faults with different senses of motion. The origin of slip partitioning is important to structural geology, tectonophysics, and earthquake mechanics. Partitioning can be explained by the upward elastoplastic propagation of oblique slip from a fault or shear zone at depth. The(More)
Multifragment decays of central collisions in 84 Kr 1 197 Au at E͞A ෇ 70 MeV are studied. By utilizing a technique sensitive to the emission order of fragments, it is deduced that carbon fragments are emitted prior to beryllium fragments when these fragments have the same velocity. This observation is consistent with the cooling of a thermally decaying(More)
The spatial-temporal extent of the emitting system for central collisions in 84 Kr ϩ 197 Au at E/A ϭ 35, 55, and 70 MeV is probed using fragment-fragment velocity correlation functions. Selection on fragment pairs of high velocity yields a stronger fragment-fragment Coulomb interaction than for inclusive fragment pairs. This result is consistent with(More)
The dependence of intermediate-mass-fragment ͑IMF͒ element distributions on the multiplicity, N IMF , of detected fragments has been measured for The observed dependence can be parametrized as P(N IMF ͉Z)ϰ P(Z)exp(Ϫc • N IMF • Z), where c is a beam-energy and excitation-energy dependent parameter. Previous work indicated this parameter is zero in the(More)
The fragmentation resulting from peripheral Au 1 Au collisions at an incident energy of E ෇ 35 MeV͞nucleon is investigated. A power-law charge distribution, A 2t with t ഠ 2.2, and an intermittency signal are observed for events selected in the region of the Campi scatter plot where " critical " behavior is expected. Initiated by the observation of fragments(More)
Multi-fragment decays of and U targets at energies between E/A = 400 MeV and 1000 MeV have been studied with the ALADIN forward-spectrometer at SIS. By adding an array of 84 Si-CsI(Tl) telescopes the solid-angle coverage of the setup was extended to θ lab = 16 •. This permitted the complete detection of fragments from the projectile-spectator source. The(More)
A new, sensitive method allows one to search for the enhancement of events with nearly equal-sized fragments as predicted by theoretical calculations based on volume or surface instabilities. Simulations have been performed to investigate the sensitivity of the procedure. Experimentally, charge correlations of intermediate mass fragments emitted from heavy(More)
A complete homologous series of fluorescent 7-nitrobenz-2-oxa-1,3-diazol-4-yl-(NBD) labelled fatty amines of varying alkyl chain lengths, NBD-Cn, inserted in 1-palmitoyl, 2-oleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (POPC) or N-palmitoyl sphingomyelin (SpM) bilayers, with 50 mol% and 40 mol% cholesterol (Chol), respectively, was studied using atomistic molecular(More)
A promising approach to assessing seismic hazards has been to combine the concept of seismic gaps with Coulomb-stress change modeling to refine short-term earthquake probability estimates. However, in practice the large uncertainties in the seismic histories of most tectonically active regions limit this approach since a stress increase is only important(More)
Replay<i>Ink</i> is a Tablet PC based application for use by General Engineering courses at Clemson University to help instructors evaluate students understanding of basic engineering math and unit conversions. Replay<i>Ink</i> records Tablet PC ink strokes (<i>Ink</i>) and erasures performed by the student in order to allow the instructor to replay the(More)