David R. Berman

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This thesis presents a beat detection algorithm which combines both audio and visual inputs to synchronize a robotic musician to its human counterpart. Although there has been considerable work done to create sophisticated methods for audio beat detection, the visual aspect of musicianship has been largely ignored. With advancements in image processing(More)
In this paper a new specialization of whist tournament designs is introduced. A splittable whist tournament design on v players, SWh(v), is a whist tournament design that has the property that the games can be partitioned into two sets A, B in such a way that for every pair of players, say {x, y}, x opposes y once in A and once in B. Let p denote a prime of(More)
We investigate brother avoiding round robin doubles tournaments and construct several infinite families. We show that there is a BARRDT(n) that is not a SAMDRR(n) for all n > 4. Key words and phrases: brother avoiding round robin doubles tournament (BARRDT), spouse avoiding mixed doubles round robin tournament (SAMDRR), Z-cyclic whist tournament, patterned(More)
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