David R. Armstrong

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The Protein Data Bank in Europe (http://pdbe.org) accepts and annotates depositions of macromolecular structure data in the PDB and EMDB archives and enriches, integrates and disseminates structural information in a variety of ways. The PDBe website has been redesigned based on an analysis of user requirements, and now offers intuitive access to improved(More)
In the chlorophyll (Chl) biosynthesis pathway the formation of protochlorophyllide is catalyzed by Mg-protoporphyrin IX methyl ester (MgPME) cyclase. The Ycf54 protein was recently shown to form a complex with another component of the oxidative cyclase, Sll1214 (CycI), and partial inactivation of the ycf54 gene leads to Chl deficiency in cyanobacteria and(More)
Using an interlocking co-complexation approach, a homologous series of unsolvated alkali-metal zincates [MZn(CH2SiMe3)3] (M = Li 1, Na 2, K 3) was prepared by reacting equimolar amounts of Zn(CH2SiMe3)2 with the relevant alkali-metal alkyl M(CH2SiMe3) employing non-coordinating hexane as a solvent. X-ray crystallographic studies reveal that these(More)
Previously it was reported that activation of (t)Bu2Zn by [(TMEDA)Na(μ-dpa)]2 led to tert-butylation of benzophenone at the challenging para-position, where the sodium amide functions as a metalloligand towards (t)Bu2Zn manifested in crystalline [{(TMEDA)Na(dpa)}2Zn(t)Bu2] (TMEDA is N,N,N',N'-tetramethylethylenediamine, dpa is 2,2'-dipyridylamide). Here we(More)
Many of the recent eye-catching advances in zincate executed metallation chemistry have centered on the secondary monoamide 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidide (TMP). Developed by Kondo, Uchiyama, and co-workers, the original TMP zincate reagent [LiZn(TMP)tBu 2 ] is an effective base for both aromatic and heteroaromatic substrates. [1] Knochel and co-workers have(More)
Most recent advances in metallation chemistry have centred on the bulky secondary amide 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidide (TMP) within mixed metal, often ate, compositions. However, the precursor amine TMP(H) is rather expensive so a cheaper substitute would be welcome. Thus this study was aimed towards developing cheaper non-TMP based mixed-metal bases and, as(More)
Studied extensively in solution and in the solid state, Li(TMP) (TMP=2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidide) is an important utility reagent popular as a strongly basic, weakly nucleophilic tool for C-H metallation. Recently, there has been a surge in interest in mixed metal derivatives containing the bulky TMP anion. Herein, we start to develop hetero (alkali(More)
Previously we reported that direct zincation of N,N-dimethylaniline by the mixed-metal zincate reagent 1 ((TMEDA)Na(TMP)(t-Bu)Zn(t-Bu)) surprisingly led to meta-metallation (zincation) of the aniline, as manifested in the crystalline complex 2 ((TMEDA)Na(TMP)(m-C(6)H(4)-NMe(2))Zn(t-Bu)), and that iodination of these isolated crystals produced the(More)
Performed with a desire to advance knowledge of the structures and mechanisms governing alkali-metal-mediated zincation, this study monitors the reaction between the TMP-dialkylzincate reagent [(TMEDA)Na(TMP)((t)Bu)Zn((t)Bu)] 1 and trifluoromethyl benzene C(6)H(5)CF(3) 2. A complicated mixture of products is observed at room temperature. X-ray(More)
Using a co-complexation methodology the unsolvated lithium zincate [LiZn(HMDS)Me2] ( 4, HMDS = 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexamethyldisilazide) was prepared by reaction of an equimolar amount of LiHMDS with Me2Zn in a non-polar toluene-hexane solvent mixture. X-Ray crystallographic studies reveal that the asymmetric unit of 4 has a dinuclear arrangement, based on a planar(More)