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During surgery with bone grafting, the impaction of bone tissue creates an avascular area where local circulation is disrupted. If infections arise, they may prevent systemically administered antibiotics from reaching the infected bone. In this study we evaluated gentamicin palmitate (GP) mixed with gentamicin sulfate (GS) as a coating for bone chips (BCh).(More)
In minimally invasive hip arthroplasty double offset broach handles are used, to facilitate the preparation of the femoral canal. The aim of this study was to quantify the differences in force and impulse transmission between two double offset broach handles and a single offset broach handle. Two double offset broach handles (A European version, B American(More)
Time of flight (TOF) cameras can guide surgical robots or provide soft tissue information for augmented reality in the medical field. In this study a method to automatically track the soft tissue envelope of a minimally invasive hip approach in a cadaver study is described. An algorithm for the TOF camera was developed and 30 measurements on 8 operational(More)
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