David Pulford

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INTRODUCTION Given the significant burden that emerging infectious diseases place on global economies and public health, the monitoring and mitigation of, and early response to, potential infectious diseases are of the highest priority. The objective of this study was to survey for known and other potential arboviral zoonoses in multiple bird species at(More)
on the general time reversible model under 1,000 bootstrap iterations , and sequence divergence was determined to calculate the p-distances between sequences. Phylogenetic inference of the sequence data demonstrated 95% nucleotide sequence similarity between the virus from this outbreak and the 14F YFV strain isolated in Angola in 1971 (Figure). PCR and(More)
1. In acute experimental hydronephrosis chloride retention occurs as well as retention of water, urea, and phenolsulfonephthalein. 2. If both water and chlorides are retained there may be no appreciable rise in the plasma chloride content. 3. When chlorides are retained, but not water, the chloride content of the plasma rises strikingly. 4. After the(More)
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