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Bacterial contamination may cause loss or damage to cultured oocytes or embryos, resulting in cancelation or delaying of a fresh embryo transfer. While live births have been reported following the transfer of embryos contaminated with yeast, very little information is available on how to handle embryos with bacterial contamination. We report two cases of(More)
Planaria are the simplest organisms with bilateral symmetry and a central nervous system (CNS) with cephalization; therefore, they could be useful as model organisms to investigate mechanistic aspects of parkinsonism and to screen potential therapeutic agents. Taking advantage of the organism's anti-tropism towards light, we measured a significantly reduced(More)
Individuals under chronic psychological stress can be difficult to identify clinically. There is often no outwardly visible phenotype. Chronic stress of sufficient magnitude not only impacts reproductive function, but also concomitantly elicits a constellation of neuroendocrine changes that may accelerate aging in general and brain aging in particular.(More)
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