David Prochazka

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BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of mechanical thrombectomy using the Rotarex catheter in the treatment of peripheral arterial thromboembolic occlusions and to assess long-term results. PATIENTS AND METHODS The Rotarex catheter is a 6F or 8F polyurethane catheter, which contains a steel spiral powered by an electric motor and(More)
Augmented reality have undergone considerable improvement in past years. Many special techniques and hardware devices were developed, but the crucial breakthrough came with the spread of intelligent mobile phones. This enabled mass spread of augmented reality applications. However mobile devices have limited hardware capabilities, which narrows down the(More)
The integral part of production process in many companies is prototyping. Although, these companies commonly have high quality visualization tools (large screen projections, virtual reality), proto-typing was never abandoned. There is a number of reasons. The most important is the possibility of model observation from any angle without any physical(More)
Algal biomass that is represented mainly by commercially grown algal strains has recently found many potential applications in various fields of interest. Its utilization has been found advantageous in the fields of bioremediation, biofuel production and the food industry. This paper reviews recent developments in the analysis of algal biomass with the main(More)
PROCHÁZKA, D., KOUBEK, T.: Augmented reality implementation methods in mainstream applications. Acta Augmented reality has became an useful tool in many areas from space exploration to military applications. Although used theoretical principles are well known for almost a decade, the augmented reality is almost exclusively used in high budget solutions with(More)
AIM The aim of this paper was to evaluate the immediate and long-term results of mechanical thrombectomy using the Rotarex catheter in the treatment of acute and subacute occlusions of peripheral arteries. METHODS Patients with acute or subacute occlusions of peripheral arteries were selected consecutively for treatment with the Rotarex system. The(More)
A complex optimization of geometrical and temporal parameters of a jet system (developed in Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) laboratory of Brno University of Technology) for direct elemental analysis of samples in a liquid state of matter using LIBS was carried out. First, the peristaltic pump was synchronized with the flashlamp of the ablation(More)