David Primeaux

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A new class of data management systems that operate on high-volume streaming data is becoming increasingly important. As this kind of systems has to process unpredictable streaming data in real-time and deliver instantaneous responses, it becomes very difficult to precisely validate stream processing results in timely manner, verify stream computation that(More)
We highlight the inconsistencies of past research on the connections among such heterogeneous fields as Linked Data, Semantic Web, Bridge Ontology, and Schema Mapping, as well as our own past researches. Graph structures are commonly represented as links in relationships. For the same domain, relationships agree with each other in the domain because the(More)
This paper proposes an extensible RTOS (real-time operating system) architecture for embedded heterogeneous muti-core processors, which consist of processors with different processing power and functionalities. The architecture splits the RTOS kernel into the two components, the proxy kernel (PK) and user-level kernel (UK). The PK runs on a less powerful(More)
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