David Prescott

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Agency theory highlights potential losses in productivity that can occur when the interests of owners and employees are imperfectly aligned. Pay-for-performance (PFP) has been proposed as a potential solution to this problem. Using a real-effort laboratory experiment with salient incentives, we examine the impact of PFP versus fixed-salary (FS)(More)
Synchronized populations of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells in confluent culture have been examined by scanning electron microscopy and their surface changes noted as the cells progress through the cycle. During G(1) it is characteristic for cells to show large numbers of microvilli, blebs, and ruffles. Except for the ruffles, these tend to diminish in(More)
Obesity has reached epidemic proportions, but little is known about its influence on the intestinal immune system. Here we show that the gut immune system is altered during high-fat diet (HFD) feeding and is a functional regulator of obesity-related insulin resistance (IR) that can be exploited therapeutically. Obesity induces a chronic phenotypic(More)
This article describes the use of rapid response teams to reduce the use of mechanical restraints (i.e., restricting a person’s movement through the use of a mechanical device such as a backboard, net, or papoose) in an acute psychiatric care setting. Rapid response teams have proven highly effective for emergent medical patients, but have not typically(More)
Intestinal epithelial cells were once thought to be inert, non-responsive cells that simply acted as a physical barrier that prevents the contents of the intestinal lumen from accessing the underlying tissue. However, it is now clear that these cells express a full repertoire of Toll- and Nod-like receptors, and that their activation by components of the(More)
Ethical standards are core components of practice standards and codes of conduct for mental health practitioners. Practice standards and ethics related to boundaries are generally based on historical review, study of mental health services, and the impact of boundary crossing or boundary violations on clients receiving services. This article explores some(More)
The mammalian gastrointestinal tract hosts a diverse community of microbes including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, and viruses. Through coevolution, mammals and these microbes have developed a symbiosis that is sustained through the host's continuous sensing of microbial factors and the generation of a tolerant or pro-inflammatory response. While(More)
Montréal novembre 1995 Ce document est publié dans l'intention de rendre accessibles les résultats préliminaires de la recherche effectuée au CIRANO, afin de susciter des échanges et des suggestions. Les idées et les opinions émises sont sous l'unique responsabilité des auteurs, et ne représentent pas nécessairement les positions du CIRANO ou de ses(More)
Loss of function in the NOD2 gene is associated with a higher risk of developing Crohn's disease (CD). CD is characterized by activation of T cells and activated T cells are involved in mucosal inflammation and mucosal damage. We found that acute T cell activation with anti-CD3 mAb induced stronger small intestinal mucosal damage in NOD2(-/-) mice compared(More)
Introduction Constructing realistic shots with hundreds, or even thousands of completely unique, fully animated, deforming, and realistically shaded characters poses an entirely different challenge than the traditional character pipeline. Workflow, Level of Detail (LOD), and current hardware/software limitations require unique solutions to achieve the goal(More)