David Poutakidis

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Debugging multi-agent systems (which are concurrent, distributed, and consist of complex components) is difficult, yet crucial. We propose that the debugging process can be improved by following an agent-oriented design methodology, and then using the design artifacts in the debugging phase. We present an example of this scheme which uses interaction(More)
This paper describes a debugger which uses the design artifacts of the Prometheus agent oriented software engineering methodology to alert the developer testing the system, that a specification has been violated. Detailed information is provided regarding the error which can help the developer in locating its source. Interaction protocols specified during(More)
Debugging multi-agent systems, which are concurrent, distributed, and consist of complex components, is difficult, yet crucial. In earlier work we have proposed mechanisms whereby protocol specifications available from the design process can be used for monitoring the execution of the multi-agent system they describe. Protocol specifications can be used at(More)
Agents are a promising technology for dealing with increasingly complex system development. An agent may have many ways of achieving a given task, and it selects the most appropriate way of dealing with a given task based on the context. Although this makes agents flexible and robust, it makes testing and debugging of agent systems challenging. This chapter(More)
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