David Pollak

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High-throughput technology of protein identification using MALDI-TOF or MALDI-TOF-TOF is a major advent allowing rapid analysis of hundreds of proteins ‘‘overnight’’. Automation is thought to be high advanced but there are more and more doubts evolving. Results from automation have to be interpreted with care, software has to be taken with caution and raw(More)
The number of students with identified learning differences (LDs) of all kinds is increasing in higher education. This qualitative study explored the experiences of 27 current and previous students with a range of specific LDs by means of semi-structured interviews, using a thematic approach. The findings revealed that participants shared many life(More)
The article discusses how to build a multiuser, realtime chat application in Lift and discuss Scala's language features that make Lift possible. The application provides a single chat server that takes chat messages and redistributes the messages out to all listeners. Lift's Comet implementation uses a single HTTP connection to poll for changes to an(More)
Lift is a Web framework in the vein of Seaside and WebObjects. Lift is built on Scala, a functional/OO hybrid lanugage that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. In contrast to frameworks oriented around the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, Lift abstracts the HTTP request~response cycle rather than wrapping HTTP concepts in APIs. Lift makes use of Scala's(More)
Cesium bis(perfluoro-triphenylborane)amide, Cs[H2NB2(C6F5)6] (1), has been prepared by the reaction of sodium salt and CsF in dichloromethane and water. The compound is exceptional for a [H2NB2(C6F5)6](-) salt in that it contains a monatomic solute-free cation. Determination of the molecular structure revealed a novel C2 symmetrical conformation of the(More)
The literature synthesis of 9-oxabispidine [OC6H10(NH)2, C] has been revisited and optimized, which includes determination of the crystal structures of C, the secondary component trans-(PhSO2)NC4H6O(CH2I)2 (trans-III), and the unexpected solute intermediate OC6H10(NSO2Ph)2·(1)/2py (V·(1)/2py). The reaction of (1,5-hexadiene)platinum dichloride with C yields(More)
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