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Spinning conformal correlators
A bstractWe develop the embedding formalism for conformal field theories, aimed at doing computations with symmetric traceless operators of arbitrary spin. We use an indexfree notation where tensorsExpand
Spinning conformal blocks
A bstractFor conformal field theories in arbitrary dimensions, we introduce a method to derive the conformal blocks corresponding to the exchange of a traceless symmetric tensor appearing in fourExpand
The analytic bootstrap and AdS superhorizon locality
A bstractWe take an analytic approach to the CFT bootstrap, studying the 4-pt correlators of d > 2 dimensional CFTs in an Eikonal-type limit, where the conformal cross ratios satisfy |u| ≪ |υ| < 1.Expand
Bootstrapping mixed correlators in the 3D Ising model
A bstractWe study the conformal bootstrap for systems of correlators involving nonidentical operators. The constraints of crossing symmetry and unitarity for such mixed correlators can be phrased inExpand
Bootstrapping the O(N ) vector models
A bstractWe study the conformal bootstrap for 3D CFTs with O(N ) global symmetry. We obtain rigorous upper bounds on the scaling dimensions of the first O(N ) singlet and symmetric tensor operatorsExpand
Carving out the space of 4D CFTs
A bstractWe introduce a new numerical algorithm based on semidefinite programming to efficiently compute bounds on operator dimensions, central charges, and OPE coefficients in 4D conformal and $$Expand
Solving the 3D Ising Model with the Conformal Bootstrap
We study the constraints of crossing symmetry and unitarity in general 3D conformal field theories. In doing so we derive new results for conformal blocks appearing in four-point functions of scalarsExpand
Solving the 3d Ising Model with the Conformal Bootstrap II. $$c$$c-Minimization and Precise Critical Exponents
We use the conformal bootstrap to perform a precision study of the operator spectrum of the critical 3d Ising model. We conjecture that the 3d Ising spectrum minimizes the central charge $$c$$c inExpand
Precision islands in the Ising and O(N ) models
A bstractWe make precise determinations of the leading scaling dimensions and operator product expansion (OPE) coefficients in the 3d Ising, O(2), and O(3) models from the conformal bootstrap withExpand
Covariant approaches to superconformal blocks
A bstractWe develop techniques for computing superconformal blocks in 4d superconformal field theories. First we study the super-Casimir differential equation, deriving simple new expressions forExpand