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Ferric hexacyanoferrate (Fe4III[FeII(CN)6]3), also known as insoluble Prussian blue (PB) is the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of the drug product, Radiogardase. Radiogardase is the first FDA approved medical countermeasure for the treatment of internal contamination with radioactive cesium (Cs) or thallium in the event of a major radiological(More)
Ferric hexacyanoferrate, (Fe(4)(III)[Fe(II)(CN)(6)](3)), also known as insoluble Prussian blue (PB), is the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of Radiogardase which is the first approved drug product (DP) for treatment of thallium and radiocesium poisoning. The aim of this study is (1) to determine the in vitro thallium binding capacity and binding(More)
Host immune response and the predominant subgingival microflora were evaluated in a 47-year-old male exhibiting severe, recurrent periodontitis. The patient's neutrophils were chemotactically elevated but other functions were within normal limits. Significantly, Bacteroides gingivalis and Bacteroides zoogleoformans constituted 80% of the cultivable(More)
Endobronchial valves are increasingly used as a treatment modality as a less invasive alternative to lung volume reduction surgery in patients with severe emphysema. Endobronchial valves have also been used to treat patients with persistent pulmonary air leaks and those with bronchopleural fistulae. We report a case of a 61-year-old male with severe bullous(More)
Sir A trial was conducted to assess the effect of pulsed electro-magnetic energy (PEME) on the healing time of pre-tibial lacerations, which are seen commonly in A & E departments. A total of 129 patients were entered into a randomized trial comparing the healing rates of wounds treated with a standard dressing (tulle gras, gauze and a single below-knee(More)
The particle-based lattice solid model developed to study the physics of rocks and the non-linear dynamics of earthquakes has been reened by incorporating intrinsic friction between particles. The model provides a means to study frictional heat generation, fault zone evolution and localisation phenomena. A modiied velocity-Verlat scheme is developed that(More)
Solid earth simulations have recently been developed to address issues such as natural disasters, global environmental destruction and the conservation of natural resources. The simulation of solid earth phenomena involves the analysis of complex structures including strata, faults, and heterogeneous material properties. Simulation of the generation and(More)
Goals Particle-based models require a large number of particles and an enormous number of computations. Parallel computers provide the means to perform these calculations. However, because of the large number of particles, special algorithms are necessary to eeciently perform such simulations. The goals of the session \Particle-based methods (LS, Distinct(More)
Long earthquake sequences are generated using the 2D physically based lattice solid numerical model in a system representing an evolving fracture zone of the Earth's crust subjected to shear. Cycles of seismic activity are observed in which the rate of seismic energy release of simulated earthquakes accelerates in the lead-up to the largest events. During a(More)