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OBJECTIVE To determine age-specific incidence rates of clinically diagnosed Alzheimer's disease. DESIGN Cohort, followed a mean of 4.3 years. SETTING East Boston, Mass. PARTICIPANTS Of 2313 persons aged 65 years and older who were initially free of Alzheimer's disease, 1601 participated in the ascertainment of incident disease (80% of survivors), 409(More)
This article examines a central plank of current mental health policy--'recovery'. The latter is being used increasingly as a harbinger of progress, when discussing improvements in service quality and social inclusion. Mainly using Britain as a case study, different usages of the term are considered on the part of three main interest groups: traditional(More)
We evaluated the occurrence and persistence of delirium in 325 elderly patients admitted to a teaching hospital from either a defined community or a long-term care facility. Of the study participants, 34 (10.5%) had Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Third Edition--defined delirium at initial evaluation; of the remaining patients, 91(More)
To study delirium in hospitalized elderly, a delirium symptom interview (DSI) was developed by an interdisciplinary group of investigators. This interview was administered in an acute care hospital to 50 patients who were over the age of 65 years. Results from the interview were compared to assessments of major symptoms of delirium made independently by a(More)
BACKGROUND The ROAdmap for MEntal health Research in Europe project aimed to create an integrated European roadmap for mental health research. Leading mental health research experts across Europe have formulated consensus-based recommendations for future research within the public mental health field. METHODS Experts were invited to compile and discuss(More)
BACKGROUND This paper outlines the principal characteristics of a learning organisation and the organisational features that define it. It then compares these features with the organisational conditions that currently obtain, or are being created, within the British NHS. The contradictory development of recent British health policy, resulting in the NHS(More)
BACKGROUND Older people frequently have signs of parkinsonism, but information about the prevalence of parkinsonism and mortality among those with the condition in the community is limited. METHODS A stratified random sample of 467 residents of East Boston, Massachusetts, 65 years of age or older, were given structured neurologic examinations. Using(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the relations of 3 measures of socioeconomic status (education, occupational prestige, and income) to risk of incident clinically diagnosed Alzheimer disease (AD). DESIGN Cohort study with an average observation of 4.3 years. SETTING East Boston, Mass. a geographically defined community. PARTICIPANTS A stratified random sample of(More)
After more than 90 years of research in which the presence or absence of a diagnosis of schizophrenia has been used as an independent variable, little of certainty has been found out about the aetiology of the hypothesized schizophrenia disease process. One possible reason for this lack of progress is that schizophrenia is not a valid object of scientific(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine age-related changes in neurologic function in the general population. DESIGN To administer a neurologic examination to participants in such a way that it is possible to calculate the proportion of elderly persons in the population with each abnormal finding and the proportion of persons with each finding but without evidence of the(More)