David Piggott

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Hypercarbia is a common complication of respiratory failure, and the technique of "permissive hypercapnia" is used to ventilate individuals with increased peak airway pressures on mechanical ventilators, resulting in elevated arterial PCO2. We studied the effects of hypercarbia on cultured bovine aortic and main pulmonary artery endothelial cell surface(More)
Objectives: There has been considerable inconsistency and confusion in the definition of elite/expert athletes in sport psychology research, which has implications for studies conducted in this area and for the field as a whole. This study aimed to: (i) critically evaluate the ways in which recent research in sport psychology has defined elite/expert(More)
OBJECTIVE The Terumo implantable left ventricular assist system (T-ILVAS) consists of a titanium centrifugal pump with a unique magnetically suspended impeller producing continuous (non-pulsatile) flow up to 10 l/min. The interior surface is heparin-coated and there is no purge system. We implanted the device into six sheep to ascertain in-vivo haemodynamic(More)
Time-lapse cinematography was used to investigate the movement of confronting populations of human mammary epithelium and stromal cells (fibroblasts). Epithelial cell islands from fibroadenomas and from normal lacteal secretions completely excluded the fibroblasts, and individual cell territories were maintained even in dense cultures. Electron microscopy(More)
This paper explores the potential use of grid technology in health care, from the perspective of a European health authority in a regional health care network (RHCN) seeking to model the effects of a proposed hospital closure programme. The paper reviews the strategic implications of using a 'Grid-based' application to enable the collation and analyses of(More)
Integrity Consulting Partners (ICP) is an independent consulting firm, specialising in healthcare ICT support, with a range of major projects delivered for European public healthcare clients in the areas of systems specification and design, procurement and project management of system implementations. ICP has had a strategic relationship with the General(More)
A key objective of the Professionals and Citizen Network for Integrated Care (PICNIC) project was to provide products for a European and potentially worldwide software market. The approach followed was through the delivery of a number of Open Source (OS) components, to be integrated into applications that deliver similar services across the participating(More)
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