David Phipps

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Weibo and other popular Chinese microblogging sites are well known for exercising internal censorship, to comply with Chinese government requirements. This research seeks to quantify the mechanisms of this censorship: how fast and how comprehensively posts are deleted. Our analysis considered 2.38 million posts gathered over roughly two months in 2012, with(More)
Metalworking fluids (MWFs) are widely used for cooling and lubricating during the machining process. The worldwide annual usage is estimated to exceed 2 x 10(9)l and the waste could be more than ten times the usage, as the MWFs have to be diluted prior to use. For UK industry the disposal cost is estimated to be up to pound16 million per year. Used MWFs(More)
Virus-related oncogenes have been demonstrated in human tumor cells and may play a role in neoplastic transformation. Cancerous effusions contain inhibitors of monocyte function and are absorbed by monoclonal antibodies to the immunosuppressive retroviral structural protein, P15E. We therefore examined eight human malignant cell lines for P15E-related(More)
We present measurements and analysis of censorship on Weibo, a popular microblogging site in China. Since we were limited in the rate at which we could download posts, we identified users likely to participate in sensitive topics and recursively followed their social contacts. We also leveraged new natural language processing techniques to pick out trending(More)
Data on the gastrointestinal absorption of 12 elements have been reviewed. In each case, absorption is expressed as the fraction of the ingested element absorbed to blood, referred to as the f1 value, applying to intakes of unspecified chemical form by average population groups. The level of confidence in individual absorption values has been estimated in(More)
The goal of this project was to remove iron from drinking water using a new electrocoagulation (EC) cell. In this research, a flow column has been employed in the designing of a new electrocoagulation reactor (FCER) to achieve the planned target. Where, the water being treated flows through the perforated disc electrodes, thereby effectively mixing and(More)
This paper presents results from interferometric diagnosis of plasma dynamics in a plasma-filled rodpinch diode (PFRP) on GAMBLE II at NRL, with diode voltages and currents of 1 MV and 600 kA respectively. A high sensitivity interferometer shows the time history of the prefill plasma moving past the anode tip propelled by a ~ J × ~ B snowplow. Images from a(More)
Stress, caused by exposure to microwaves (2.45 GHz) at constant temperature (37 ± 0.5°C), alters the growth profile of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1. In the absence of microwave treatment a simple, highly reproducible growth curve was observed over 24 h or more. Microwave treatment caused no reduction in growth during the first 6 h, but at a later stage (>12(More)
This paper explores two separate questions: Can we perform natural language processing tasks without a lexicon?; and, Should we? Existing natural language processing techniques are either based on words as units or use units such as grams only for basic classification tasks. How close can a machine come to reasoning about the meanings of words and phrases(More)