David Philpott

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A novel influenza virus emerged in the United States in spring 2009, rapidly becoming a global pandemic. Children were disproportionally affected by the novel influenza A(H1N1) pandemic virus [A(H1N1)pdm]. This retrospective electronic medical record review study aimed to identify clinical predictors of disease severity of influenza A(HIN1)pdm infection in(More)
PREFACE This report contains the findings from the second phase of a study into Aboriginal high school student e-learning. It presents a Canada wide perspective on the challenges inherent to this approach to curriculum delivery along with suggestions that may potentially help address student success issues. We would like to acknowledge the excellent(More)
PREFACE This report contains the findings of phase one of what is anticipated to be a three or four year project into e-learning in selected Labrador coastal communities. In particular, it examines the context, successes and challenges associated with the delivery of senior high school courses offered through the Provincial Centre for Distance Learning and(More)
This paper explores the critical role that language and culture play in the assessment of cognitive ability in students. While research has long recognized the challenges of using standardized approaches to assess children from minority groups, educational practice continues to be dominated by traditional testing methods. The authors argue that within(More)
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